Problem Tenants


Kane Empires operates a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with troublesome Tenants.


Do you have a problem tenant?

Are your rental payments being made irractically or incomplete without valid reasoning?

Have your tenants breached conditions of their agreement or are you struggling to enforce them?

Are you being messed around by your Tenant and feel you are no longer in the driving seat?

At Kane Empires we can assist you as a Landlord gain back full control of your property and re-store order. In many cases a letter direct to your Tenant advising of a change in management and how operations will be run in the future does the trick. On the other hand if your Tenant fails to comply we can fully assist you with court proceedings based on our own previous experience handling evictions. We have a 100% success rate in helping Landlords gain back possession of their properties.

All cases are different and Kane Empires attempts to resolve all cases before any form of Court Proceedings are started.

If you are suffering with any of the issues above and it is all becoming too much, please pick up the phone or email us today to discuss your case and find out how we can help you.

**Prices Start From £50pcm as per normal Management however extra charges may apply depending on the complexity of your case however these shall be discussed prior to the signing of any contract. 


Kane Empires Already Manages My Property – What Do You Do If MyTenant Doesn’t Pay?

As the rental money goes direct to the Landlord we ask you to be extra vigilant each month when the rent money becomes due – we rely on you notifying us immediately of any discrepancy.

First of all Kane Empires will always attempt to contact the tenant by telephone – the tenant will always be given the benefit of the doubt as banking errors and unforseen things do occassionally happen.

Usually at this stage the tenant will give an explanation, and the problem will be resolved.

However, if the tenant fails to give valid reasoning or simply does not respond. Kane Empires will issue a 24 hour notice on the tenant to visit the property and discuss matters.

If there is still no resolution after this stage, the correct notice will be served upon your tenant and Court Proceedings will be started.

Although the sound of Court Proceedings can sound quite daunting, please be assured Kane Empires are here to assist all of our clients throughout the whole process. In many situations cases do not even get as far as the Courts and any problems can usually be resolved amicably.